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How to SAVE MONEY on your skin care products

Donkey Milk Lotion

Picture this, after your shower you apply your favorite fruity smelling lotion that you have been using for years. Now think, why is your skin so dry that you need to apply this lotion after every shower? Maybe you just like the smell or maybe the soap you are using is making your skin dry on purpose. Later in life you start to develop an allergy and become more sensitive to strong fragrance. Even sitting next to someone with perfume makes your eyes water and you start to cough. There are other skin changes that you have noticed on your body. More allergies, more skin problems what the f***.

Skin Safe Products

The problem, you never thought to think of, is that it may have all started from all those past years of applying that favorite, fruity smelling lotion, you loved so dear.

Now isn’t that shitty. So here you are years later, older, and now your spending your money on trying to fix your allergies and skin problems, all which may have started from that one fruity smelling lotion.

I know, we just want to look and smell pretty, but you really need to ask if it’s worth your health or your wallet, be it now or down the road.

Look for products where you know what the ingredients are. Avoid long listed ingredient products, they are just adding a bunch of fillers that are unnecessary. Knowing what the ingredients are and finding products with the least amount of ingredients is the key here. And whenever you can, try to find something that is organic, the cost should never be that much more.

Saving money all starts by avoiding unnecessary chemicals.

Nature-based ingredients for healthy skin, healthy body and healthy wallet.

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