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Donkey Milk:
Donkey milk in your skin and beauty products?! Who would have thought..? Well, Cleopatra did! Donkey milk is packed with powerful qualities that rejuvenate and replenish your skin. It is rich with natural moisturizers such as vitamins B1, B2, B5, B6, B9, B12,  vitamin C, omega 3 and omega 6, which soften and revitalize your skin. Donkey milk contains 40 times more vitamin C than cow's milk and 39  times more than goat's milk. Imagine all those natural antioxidants that are within in the milk that slows down and prevents the effects of free radicals that are constantly damaging to your skin and I can tell you it works. I have been using only my soaps for over four years and my face cream with lotions for over two years. It's like my face hit the pause button and started to erase scars, acne and even those little lines I was getting on my cheeks from way to much sun. Who would have thought that donkey milk was it! I mean everything your that face or body needs to look healthy. I am glad that my husband was read that article which was so long ago now, because if he didn't I would have never came across or even thought about what this milk can do. 
This soap is made right here in the US with American bred donkeys'!! You will find only natural oils and butters within my luxurious handmade soaps. No synthetic fragrances or colorants. Only essential oils are used to scent the soaps. Every ingredient added is backed by scientific research that supports positive trends in natural beauty care, and this is why it has been specifically added to my products.
Imagine having the secret to beautiful skin within one bar of soap without having to separately purchase all the ingredients. The single step to healthier skin would be easily achieved on your time with minimal effort needed.  Cleopatra's Beauty Line donkey milk soap products are available fully equipped with nature's most natural ingredients to repair and maintain your skin's natural assets. 
The health of your skin is valuable and I am always keeping that in mind when ever I make these products for you. 

Organic Coconut Oil 

Research has shown that coconut oil can improve the outer skin layer when faced with dry, itch skin by helping to hydrate your skin. The coconut oil I use in my products is certified organic, unrefined, virgin coconut oil. This oil is unbleached, has not been deodorized or refined, and is not exposed to heat or chemicals. This keeps the oil pure and natural so the antioxidants and nutrients are not compromised.

Research has shown that it can be a great moisturizer for some skin types but for others can be too drying. So, to find a balance between different skin types, I minimized the amounts of coconut oil and added more olive oil which produces a gentler bar of soap.

Coconut oil  contains large amounts of lauric acid  which help combat bacterial growth. This will help your skin fight bacteria naturally thus helping those nasty breakouts. Here is a great study published in the "Journal of Investigative Dermatology" describes how lauric acid aids in stopping bacterial growth on the skin 15 times better then benzoly peroxide. And all of this is found naturally in coconut oil!

Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil: 

Olive oil protects your skin against 20% of UV light, it also contains  708mg of squalene per 100g of olive oil.  Human sebum (which coats the surface of the skin making it supple and young looking) contains up to 10% of squalene. Squalene, a natural anti-oxidant, protects our skin from deteriorating, which is great until, after the age of 30 when your sebaceous glands drastically decrease in producing squalene therefore, causing dry skin, age spots, wrinkles. Squalene is also a natural scavenger for  free radicals (pollution, smoke, UV) meaning it (squalene) is searching for things that are damaging to your skin by stopping it all together or by helping repair damaged cells. As you age you need to replenish the squalene that was once produced by your skin and since olive oil contains large amounts of squalene it will help your skin repair itself and protect itself from future damage. The great thing about squalene found in olive oil, when mixed with lye to make soap, it is unaltered. So you are getting all the great benefits of squalene and other enhancing ingredients that work well together to prevent dry skin, age spots and wrinkles.  (source)
With all the different types of olive oils in the market, I only use a specific kind in my beautifying products. My olive oil is first pressed (the first and most enriched oil pressed out of the olive), organic, and unrefined (no bleach or chemicals are used to get the oil out of the olive) . This keeps the oils beautifying qualities (squalene) in its purest form meaning, everything that is beneficial for your skin stays with in the soap and with use it replenishes your skin with squalene that was once lost.

Using only oils and butters that are unrefined is extremely important because once you refine and oil or butter you strip it of its natural skin empowering benefits and on top of that you are adding chemicals into the soap. You will only find unrefined ingredients in all my soap products because I want to deliver a soap product where the ingredients are in their whole natural state giving your skin the best it deserves.

Organic Shea Butter 

We have all heard the benefits of shea butter and the smooth glowing skin that is associated with its use. This premium, raw, unrefined, cold pressed shea butter is added to all of my soaps and is easily absorbed by the skin therefore giving you smooth, soft glowing skin. The properties in shea butter also increase blood circulation and boost collagen production, which is needed for skin strength. Research studies conducted showed that shea butter helps absorb  UV radiation, which is why you will find shea  butter in a lot of sunscreen lotions. I just love the creamy feeling it gives to the soaps, especially with all the other beneficial ingredients, your skin will feel so soft!

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