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Cleopatra's Beauty Line Donkey Milk Products

Soap making

Donkey milk is very temperamental compared to other milk, it does not like heat. Once the milk is heated even slightly, it starts to lose all the natural skin healing properties that are within the milk. So to make soap by heating the milk was not an option. Another method for making soap did not allow me to add much of any milk, so what benefit would anyone get from that? After a lot of trial and error, I discovered the most effective method for utilizing all the benefits donkey milk provides for your skin. Using the soaping 

method called "cold process," allows me to carefully mix ingredients at a temperature that will not compromise the milk composition thus, maintaining all the essential properties in donkey milk needed to nourish and heal your skin. And with the first ingredient being donkey milk, you can be sure that every bar of my soaps contains all the milk your skin needs.

I hope that you will come and grow with me through this journey of donkey milk soaps. My research on ingredients will never stop. I will continue to study scientific data on ingredients that complement donkey milk to cleanse and beautify your skin.           

Cleopatra's Beauty Line Donkey milk procducts

The donkey

Donkeys are beautiful and often misunderstood creatures. They are not just working animals; they also have, come to be our pets, our providers. The perception of milk from donkeys to create health and beauty products may seem bizarre to most but the qualities that come from this milk are out of this world! The introduction of donkey milk into the U.S. has been a slow process but as more and more research is conducted on this amazing milk, we are finding out that it may also help prevent, cure, or treat certain types of cancer and so far has been proven to have immunological benefits. 

So with an open mind, I invite you to try my donkey milk infused soap, not because it comes from a donkey, but because of the qualities and benefits surrounding each bar. It's your time to treat yourself and indulge in the beauty of nature!

Cleopatras beauty line donkey milk soap products


I had the pleasure of meeting these donkeys on a huge farm in a part of Croatia called Istra. My husband, our two young boys and I wandered the farm on a beautiful summers day, while the donkeys followed us in a line, unphased by the strangers walking their land. They were kind, gentle creatures that could not wait for us to caress them. They seemed really intrigued by our two small boys, and to my surprise, my boys were not afraid when the donkeys surrounded them. My boys loved them and still can't stop talking about how great they were.

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