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Simple skin care made naturally with donkey milk.

We all want beautiful looking skin, especially on our face as that is what everyone first sees. Having flawless skin is an illusion. Especially nowadays when trying to achieve something that is increasingly out of reach, especially with all the chemicals in our air, water, and food wreaking havoc on our skin every second of the day. Along with the stress that comes with living in today’s world and don’t forget to include the price of just basic necessities to live and breathe has gone through the roof.

Since I created my business, Cleopatra’s Beauty Line in 2015 and listed my first product in 2018, even then I was astonished by the cost of a moisturizer. As I have formulated all of my products, I have a clear understanding of ingredients, their makeup, their value and their worth. So, when corporations, be they small or large, try to sell you some “magic moisturizer or anti-aging” cure for 50 or 130 dollars, I just laugh. I source all of my ingredients and I research all of “their” so called magic ingredients and have been doing it for years, and you know what I have found? You may have woken up to their marketing already but if you didn’t know, ‘they’ love stealing money from you! Big corporations love having you spend your extra hard earned dollars on their marketing team. They are great at their job because they convinced so many Americans that their 130 dollar magic eraser is worth every penny.

Another sad but true lure at which these corporations excel is convincing you that their newfound ingredient is the cure-all for your skin. Remember when retinol first came to the market. Everyone started buying retinol cream, and they still are. They marketed it to you like

it is something new. Do you even know what retinol is? It is form of Vitamin A. Have you ever heard of Ascorbic Acid? That is your good old friend Vitamin C. Oh, the tricks they play. They believe that if they give you the technical name of the vitamin, they can fool you to believe that it is some new magic cure and should cost you $$$$$.

I throw up a little in my mouth when I see all these products, the costs and the amount of money they take from you convincing you that they are amazing. They have tricked you into believing that you need to use 5 to 10 different products on your face. You need a special cleanser, exfoliator, toner, serum, eye cream, moisturizer, sun protectant and don’t forget the facial mist.

Our environments contribute to all of our skin issues, from the foods we eat to our mental health. I understand it seems like an uphill battle as I am struggling with the same things in today’s world. Today, I just wanted to reach out and remind you that simple skincare is all you need. There is no magic cure, there is only patience and consistency when it comes to your skin. You don’t need to spend a shit ton of money, nor do you need to use 5 different products (remember with skin less is more). Natural soap and natural moisturizer, simple and effective. Your skin is uniquely you.


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