About Me

For the love of soap. The only soap that

I have been researching and testing all products that I make for over 7 years now. I believe products that are meant to benefit your skin cannot be made overnight. And through experience, I know that it takes years upon years to see if a product truly works. I have a Bachelor's degree in Health Science. I have worked in labs for some of the largest hospitals here in Cleveland, Ohio and while working in Pathology, I have seen many diseases from skin cancer to a simple little blemish. I believe putting the right healthy products on your skin is important for the overall health of your mind, body, and spirit. I put a lot of time and energy into any single product I make because I want to make sure the ingredients are healthy and that the product really benefits your skin. 


My name is Bozana (Borja or just BO) and my mission is to help you achieve that gorgeous, young and fresh-looking skin you’ve always dreamt of! After reading several ancient manuscripts and thoroughly testing my beauty products for over 6 years with modern research techniques, I discovered that donkey milk is indeed the “magical” ingredient our skin needs to look majestic!


Whether you’re looking for body lotions, face creams or luxurious soaps to unclog skin pores, reduce fine lines and other age marks, eliminate dry skin or keep acne away and even elimate eczema, I have a product for every one of your beauty needs!


Let me know if you have ANY questions about my products and I will be more than thrilled to help you become even more beautiful than you already are!


Thank you for putting your trust into my handmade products with my own seceret formulas!