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Secret Code Names For Ingredients

I was walking around one of the big chain stores and overheard a salesman talking about some product. I also saw a group of older people standing around listening to him. I continued to walk, figured I will make it that way eventually because I too wanted to see what he was selling. Once I made my way around, the group of people were leaving his table. As I walked up, the first thing I noticed were all the signs with bold lettering but kind wording of natural, pure, safe and other verbiage used to lure people in. Even had me believing that this product must be something safe and natural that I can use. I looked away from all the advertising B.S. and noticed that he had a cleaning product. I thought this would be perfect, I was looking for something natural to clean with.

As a product developer, the first thing I did was read the ingredient list. I saw essential oil this, essential oil that, some water and something at the end that I had never heard of. So I asked the salesman, “Excuse me sir, can you tell me what ingredient this is at the end.” His answer, “The ingredient is a binding agent that comes from a plant.” I asked him which plant and he said that he did not have an answer to that. Well, that just threw me off. I set the product down and walked away.

I thought to myself, here is a product that has a registered name of an ingredient, and the salesman has no idea what it is. And instead of this business just listing this so called natural plant on the ingredient list, they choose to hide it under some other name.


If this product is so natural and pure, why do they hide this one ingredient under another name?

Why not just state what it is?

What if this hidden ingredient is something that someone is allergic to?

Or, what if these assholes who make this product hide this ingredient under another name because they don’t want you to know. Because if you did know you would not buy it.

Any business can trick you into believing their product is natural or pure.

Take the time to ask questions, read the ingredient list and if you don’t know, don’t buy it.


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