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So many soap makers - Who to choose

Did you ever think that you should know your soap maker? Well, I'm sure most of you want to know who is making your handmade product, but is that enough? Is it enough meeting them at a craft/art show or a festival? Does that give you the insurance to trust in them? Trust that what they are putting in their products is truly legit/clean/natural?? Is it as natural as they claim? Do you read their labels? Do you ask them the right questions? Just because someone has a pretty label or different colors swirled into their soaps , is it really what you are looking for? The reason I ask is because their are so many so called soap makers out there that claim to be all natural, organic blah blah blah and whatever else they say they are. But do they know about the ingredients they are putting into their bars? And where are they getting those ingredients?

Is your soap maker making those see through soaps? Do you know what those are? Well let me give you an example of what that is. Do you ever go to Joanns, Patcatans, or Micheals? Some of them have a soap section and within those sections are big blocks of transparent soap. These soaps are for the DIYers. You melt this in the microwave, add scents and colors of your choosing and finally pour into molds and let dry. Did you ever look at the ingredients of those so called melt and pour soaps? Here is an list of ingredients AQUA, PROPYLENE GLYCOL, SODIUM STEREATE, SUCROSE, SODIUM LARETH SULFATE, SODIUM LAURATE, SORBITOL, SODIUM LAURYL SULPHATE,..........Tetrasodium Etidronate (EDTA). FDA regulations state that ingredients need to be listed as most to least and there is a lot of controversy over SLS, SLES, EDTA. I am not saying it's good or bad for you, I am just saying that if there was such an issue about "those chemicals" than why bother buying something that has "those chemicals" in the product when you can totally avoid it!!!!!

Where are they getting those ingredients??? Are they ordering them from a craft store like Joanns? Or do they order them from a larger supplier like China. Yes, you can get soap supplies like a melt and pour base from China. I know this because when I first ventured into soap making I tried the whole melt and pour soap thing. I ordered a sample from China and some thing just didn't feel right about the whole melt and pour thing, like what is in this base. They have a list of ingredients on the package but is that really what is in there? So, instead of not caring and just letting it go, I decided to go to my local college to have them test it out the sample and low n' behold it was not pure. God only knows what was in it. So, I completely avoided ever wanting to make any melt and pour soaps.

I wanted to make sure that I knew about every ingredient going into my soaps. This means researching each and every ingredient, finding scientific studies on every ingredient and knowing what these ingredients can and cannot do. Your soap maker should know this. They should know what is good for you skin and what is not. You should be able to look at their ingredients and see exactly what they are putting into their soaps and not have to google the ingredients to make sure it's safe. And just because you can read something like MICA that doesn't mean that it is natural.

Not so many soap makers are all knowledgeable in their soap ingredients but a lot of them know how to make pretty bars of soap. So you need to ask yourself, do you want a pretty bar of soap or do you want a soap that you know is safe for your skin and the members of your family?

Forever and Always

Your Time USA

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