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I have tried it all. Use this three step product to cleaner skin. So, if I skip a day then what’s going to happen? I have to start all over? Is my face going to break out again? I have even used prescription benzoyl peroxide and when I used that I thought my face would catch on fire. Eat healthy, find out what your triggers are to acne, drink lots of water, don’t stress out, wash your face before bed, don’t touch your face, don’t smoke and don’t drink alcohol, get lots of rest, blah blah blah. YA not gonna work for me! I have plenty on my mind without having to worry about the air I breath that will be causing my acne!!!

Lucky for me I have extremely sensitive skin. Yeah, I said lucky me. If I even think about popping that pimple on my face it will leave a scar for months and then spread to form other pimples around that primary pimple. No makeup in the world will cover up my scars. It’s an extremely embarrassing/annoying/depressing thing to deal with.

Until the day the light shined through and I find what actually works on my face. Do you want to know what worked on my face? Than keep reading.

What worked for my skin/face was my donkey milk soap that is unscented and free from natural colorants!!!! It just has the donkey milk with oils and butters. The oils and butters added to my bar are on the low side of clogging your pores. Yes, every ingredient was researched extensively by me!! Why did I spend countless hours and energy into this? If you didn’t skim through and actually read everything I wrote so far you would know I have nasty skin or had nasty skin!! Another reason is because I know what it’s like to be picked on and sooo self-conscious about going out into public with a face infested with bacteria. I just wanted to be free and not stared at.

But, WAIT!!! Didn’t I say at the beginning that using soap alone is going to rip your skin of natural oils? Yeah, and even my soap will but it won’t be as harsh as say Dove soap (I know all about dove soap because I used that soap growing up, it’s what my mom bought and then I even used it on my kids, sorry boys mamma didn’t know any better at the time). Back onto soap and depleting your skin of your natural oils. You need to replenish those oils before your sebum goes out of whack and wants to over produce oils (which causes acne). What do you use? There are a million moisturizers, creams, lotions to choose from. I use NONE!!! You know what I use------ a simple little thing called ARGAN OIL. A couple of drops goes a long way. I even put that stuff on after I get out of my scorching hot shower. Yes my pores are wide open at that time and I slap it on and guess what no pimples. I even put that stuff on after I pop a pimple and to my surprise no scar and the pimple is literally gone the next day.

I am not saying that my face is perfect to this day but it is getting soooo much better and better as days go on. I still don’t eat, drink, sleep like I should to help with my acne, I just use my soap and argan oil and it works. Here’s to being 37 and finally figuring out what works.

To all you acne suffers out there I love you all and feel for you.



P.S. My grammar may not be the best but I am not here to teach an English class !! So, if you are here to pick on my about my grammar please find another article to read. I had enough people picking on me because of my face. With all love ;)

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