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Your Commercial Liquid Soap is Really Liquid Detergent!

Cleopatra’s Beauty Line all started with a beautiful handmade bar of donkey milk soap. These healthy, versatile bars can be used for everything from body wash to hand soap. However, I know that bar soap is not for everyone or for every scenario. It can create a mess around your sink or have unidentified particles stuck to it that may be off-putting, especially if you have guests washing up in your restroom. That’s why I’ve created our new hand soaps which come in a just add water form!

It is important to note that commercial liquid soaps and handmade liquid soaps are not created equal!

While it may be easy, appealing, and cheap to grab a plastic bottle of that apple orchard-scented liquid hand soap off the shelf at the store, think about where that plastic container will end up when empty, or those small beads and glitter within the product. An animated Tool by Plastic Adrift shows how the plastics travel in our oceans. These plastics are killing the smallest fish to the large whales.

Commercial hand soaps are mostly detergent. Detergents are abrasive, harsh chemicals that you’d usually think of for cleaning your dirty dishes or breaking up set-in stains on your clothes. Some of those famous detergents that you see on nearly every commercial bottle are sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS), ammonium lauryl sulfate (ALS) Lauryl Glucoside, and the mild Cocamidopropyl betaine. These chemicals are found in fabric softeners, dyes, leather treatments, and even rubber. These substances are not meant for your skin! Soaps loaded with detergents leave your hands feeling dry and itchy over time. However, these unnatural, harmful substances continue to be the main ingredients in commercial soaps because they are cheap. Again, these toxic detergents have polluted our water and continue to do so.

The synthetic ingredients don’t stop there. These detergents don’t smell particularly good, so commercial brands also add fillers to mask the unpleasant scent. Then they will add a fragrance to make the aroma even more appealing and silicone's to make it feel good on the skin. In the end, your Pumpkin Spice Vanilla Cream Dream abomination is made up of layer upon layer of unnatural, unnecessary, and unhealthy ingredients that leave you reaching for that expensive hand lotion to compensate for the dryness it causes. Oh, and it’s all wrapped up in plastic packaging that is destined for a landfill once it’s empty. It’s a never-ending cycle.

Break the cycle with all-natural, handmade soap in a pouch. My soaps have simple, plant-based ingredients like organic oils & butters and, of course, donkey milk that will leave your hands soft and moisturized rather than dry them out. They’re pleasantly scented with all-natural organic essential oils that are there to soothe your senses rather than mask an odor.


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