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Benefits of Donkey Milk in Skincare Products: 3 Reasons to Switch

1. Donkey milk contains all essential vitamins and nutrients.

Antioxidants, ceramides, amino acids, omega fatty acids are essential for healthy skin and donkey milk has them all. With more amino acids than any other milk, it hydrates, restores, and protects your skin. Donkey milk is also rich in antioxidants, which are your skin’s defense against damaging free radicals. The omega fatty acids that are abundant in donkey milk benefit skin by maintaining and constructing the cells on the surface of your skin, creating an even, polished complexion. Ceramides are protein and fat which is the glue that holds your skin cells together and stops water from escaping. As we age, the glue loses its effectiveness which leads to sagging, wrinkled, and dry skin. Studies show that applying ceramides to the skin can help boost their natural production. Donkey milk is full of sphingosine and fatty acids that make up ceramides. Fatty acids like linoleic acid (an omega 6 fatty acid) not only aid in ceramide formation but also help hydrate and vital in keeping your cells healthy.

Just a tablespoon of donkey milk can deliver all of these wonderful benefits!

2. Donkey milk is a natural product.

With all of the synthetic additives that are cheap and questionable, more consumers are reaching for a natural product; but with so many choices flooding the shelves, it can feel impossible to choose! Donkey milk products are a choice you can feel great about because they contain all of the essentials that your skin craves, naturally.

3. Donkey milk contains vitamin C in the most natural, stable form available.

Vitamin C is a powerhouse when it comes to antioxidants. Antioxidants help to reduce signs of aging by regulating collagen, stopping free radicals, and aiding in cell regeneration. Donkey milk contains 3.5 mg / 100 grams of vitamin C compared to goats at 1.3 mg / 100 grams. The best part is that this vitamin C is extremely stable only in donkey milk, meaning it will not lose its qualities or strength to light or air, unlike the vitamin C in many other forms. Only donkey milk contains the perfect balance of vitamin E and ferulic acid, which are essential for vitamin C stabilization. With this proper combination, you are sure to get the most benefits from your skincare!


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