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Amino acid Arginine good for skin? Found in donkey milk more than goat milk.

Topically applied amino acids have different jobs compared to ingested amino acids. I have found that beauty sites are being a bit deceiving when talking about different types of amino acids. They take certain amino acids and say it’s great for your skin but do not go into detail that it only works for you when you ingest the amino acid and does nothing when you apply it to the skin.

Arginine is one an amino acid which works for you when applied to the skin. It is found to be an anti-oxidant, aids in building collagen, helps to reduce the signs of aging and is a humectant.

Arginine, found in the milk of animals especially in donkey milk.

Donkey milk 4.6g / 100g

Goat milk 2.9g / 100g

Arginine fights free radicals, those are things like pollutants and UV rays which cause early skin aging. Free radicals damage collagen. Think of collagen like mortar that holds cinder blocks or bricks together. Even mortar when exposed to the elements eventually starts to break down by pollutants in the air, chemicals or even harsh pressure washing and your job is to repair the mortar or your house or wall will crumble.

Over the years your collagen gets broken down by the same things. Chemicals that are in your wipes, makeup, face washes etc., pollutants in the air or UV rays and your job is to repair it or keep it from degrading. Just like mortar, it can be fixed but it needs to be attend to early on.

To keep your skin from breaking down collagen.

  1. Wear Sunscreen as much as possible!

  2. Wash your face every day with soap!

  3. Apply a daytime moisturizer that contains anti-oxidants.

The sunscreen will help keep those UV rays from breaking down your collagen. Washing your face with soap will help get those pollutants (makeup is a pollutant), from the day, off your face and keep them from breaking down your collagen. A moisturizer with anti-oxidants will help “shoo” away those demonic free radicals. Think about your Nona or grandma sweeping the floor and shooing you out the door as a kid with a broom, so she finish cleaning the floor. That is what anti-oxidants do.

Arginine draws water to the skins surface and locks it in. It may play a role working with other proteins on the skins surface, balancing the skin Natural Moisturizing Factor. More research needs to be done to see if Arginine plays a vital role in that aspect.

TIP: ******Stay away from RETIONOL (Vitamin A) containing products in your daytime face cream, moisturizer, lotion or whatever it is you use. The sun UV rays react with retinol breaking down your collagen faster. Making you age faster! Use any retinol containing products at nighttime.

Donkey milk doesn’t contain much of any Vitamin A, so no worries there!



Cleopatra's Beauty Line

Different breeds of donkeys contains different levels of amino acids, fatty acids, proteins etc. It is slight but just for your information this is a general overview of donkeys.


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