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My pores have shrunk!

It's been about a year, I have been using my soaps exclusively on my face. It was just the other day, when I was taking a microscope to my face to do my pore cleaning, when I realized that the pores on my cheeks, close to my nose, have shrunk. The reason I noticed this is only because I then realized, I haven't poked or prodded around my cheeks lately. Hummm, could it be that my pores have shrunk? And if they did, that means they are not filling up with nasty dirt and oil to cause more blackheads. That is why I haven't been poking around that area. That is the only thing I can come up with. And honestly, I am not an devoted face washer. I know it might sound gross, but sometimes I will literally have my makeup on for two days, (ya don't judge) before I wash my face. So, I should seriously be filled with blackheads. Other proof that I should be filled with blackheads is that I have pimples that come from me not washing. I know I hate myself from doing that to my skin. But sometimes life gets to crazy!

I am bringing up the pore thing because big pores means older looking skin. Did you know, that in Korea, the new skin craze is shrinking pores to look younger. I only stumbled upon that after I noticed my smaller pores and researched about it. They say that large pores make you look older, due to sagging skin. I guess I can see that.

Maybe I have stumbled upon something here with my soaps, maybe I haven't. But I can tell you, I love my face and I what I did to it.

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