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All products are Handmade to Order. Ensuring fresh ingredients so all nutrition is delivered to your skin!

Discover Cleopatra's Secret:
Donkey Milk Skin Care

Discover the power of Cleopatra's secret to flawless skin with our premium, organic donkey milk skincare products. Our small-batch lotions, creams, and soaps are handmade in Ohio and packed with the number one milk for skin care - donkey milk, providing 40X the Vitamin C for natural anti-aging and super moisturizing benefits. Transform your skin with the best moisturizer for skincare, made with Cleopatra's secret to flawless skin. Order now for radiant, healthy-looking skin with our donkey milk face cream and donkey milk moisturizing cream.

using donkey milk skin care for face cleopatras beauty line
Featured in Wellness Magazine Click here to read Article.

As Seen on Fox 8 News. Click here to see me on Fox 8 New Day Cleveland.

Cleopatra's Beauty Line products made with Natural/Organic Ingredients and Organic Donkey Milk.
We formulate our skin care procuts to help with Acne - Eczema - Minimize Fine Lines - Heal Dry Skin.
Most important of all, we formulate to keep all toxic ingredients out of our natural skin care products.

Rejuvenate Your Skin with
Natural Donkey Milk Soap, Cream, Lotion
from Cleopatra's Beauty Line

Discover Cleopatra's secret to healthy, vibrant skin with our premium organic skin care products infused with the most sought-after ingredient: donkey milk. Our plant-based skin care collection, including donkey milk soap, lotions, and creams, can help restore balance to your skin, leaving it noticeably brighter, softer, and smoother. Say goodbye to unhealthy skin care products and embrace Mother Nature's nourishing formula, featuring a blend of organic oils and butters that deliver the best moisturizer for oily skin and help alleviate skin conditions. Experience the highest-quality product and indulge in flawless, alluring skin with our donkey milk face cream and skin care line. Order now and enjoy the benefits of nature's finest ingredients with our premium skin care products

natural donkey milk lotion plant based and made in the usa

We do a deep dive into all of our ingredients to make sure they are safe and effective for your skin. Cleopatra's secret ingredient, Donkey milk along with natural oils and butters formed our secret formulations that deliver optimum ingredients to every skin cell.

Simple but effective ingredients that do this amazing thing when they are combined the right way. It’s like a detox for your skin and then an awaking to what has been hiding under all that gunk for all those years. This blend contains crucial ingredients, and without it you are just getting your average product.

Person using facemasks

Quality Ingredients 
in all Donkey Milk Products

Don't Forget to Try EcoPure Essentials Hand Soap Refills

EcoPure Essentials Hand soap refills made with moisturizing oils and butters but without the plastic and detergents! Eco-compact and safe for your skin, these easy to use refills are as simple as just add water! Want the cleaning power without the over drying of the skin!? We got that covered! Want lather? We got that covered! And want the product to be on the thicker side? We got that covered too! And the best part is (besides it not coming in a big plastic bottle) we do not contain any detergents! So you at home can comfortably know that every time you wash your hands using our EcoPure Hand Soaps everything that goes on your skin is safe and what goes down the drain is not left over in our environment. I call that a Win for you and for Mother Earth!
              Eco-Rich      Eco-Pure      Eco-Friendly    Plastic Free 
                      100% All Ingredients Readily Biodegrade

Ocean Breeze Eco Friendly Zero Waste liquid hand soap concentrate castile soap.jpg
  • 100% Handmade in a home in Ohio

  • Women Owned

  • Donkey Milk contains the most beneficial skin care ingredients that no other milk can beat!

Soap and Candles

What people say about us

This face cream is so rich and creamy, but just like other customers said, a little goes a long way and it doesn't make your face oily. I have been using it every night after cleansing my face with the donkey milk soap and my complexion is like I have never seen it before - soft and glowy! I even had a dry spot right by me ear and it is gone since I switched to donkey milk products!"

Linda K

“Exactly as described! A little can go a long way and it will make your skin feel delightful. I am very pleased with my purchase! Thanks so much!"

Shannon K

“Amazing soap. I had random body acne for years. And my face would break out from time to time but now people compliment my skin. Thank you so much, your product is amazing!"

Paige G

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