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Donkey milk Face Cream Skin Care Products

Every face cream is packed with donkey milk. Donkey Milk has HUGE amounts of vitamin C, your antioxidant. It also contains the most amino acids compared to any other mammal. B-complex vitamins, vitamin E, and your omegas all come with this amazing potent milk. These are all the things that keep your skin looking young, healthy and super fresh!


This cream feels amazing when applying to the skin. Not only does it feel like silk, it absorbs into the skin within minutes. There are so many loving vitamins packed into this cream and it is everything that may help your skin be the best it can be.


Who would have ever thought that donkey milk has the most beneficial qualities needed for your skin! Well, one person knew and it was Cleopatra. She used it every day. Now it's your time to use something so luxurious and special for your skin. Treat your skin the right way with simple ingredients that studies prove these ingredients actually work. This is all you will ever need!


This beautiful blend of Donkey Milk and Vitamin B3 is perfect for treating oily skin with large pores, fine lines and wrinkles, and even adult acne. Vitamin B3 goes to work on controlling oil and making those pores nice and tight, while the nutrient-packed donkey milk helps with wrinkles and fights staphylococcus aureus on the skin (one bacteria that causes acne) with its powerful antimicrobial properties.


This face cream is also great for under makeup. It helps to make sure your concealer goes on smooth.


Tired of acne? Well, I will blow your mind with this little bit of information. Ready! Donkey milk kills staphylococcus aureus within 15-30 minutes. No wonder why I don't break out anymore. Donkey milk is a huge antimicrobial. Not only does it kill staphylococcus aureus but the list goes on. It goes on because donkey milk contains a large amount of free polyunsaturated fatty acids and just those fatty acids alone you can find plenty of research studies talking about how it helps to get rid of acne.


My formula is for those who have sensitive skin or break out super easy. It’s a perfect blend that helps get you in control of your skin once and for all!


Other ingredients include organic oils and butters. Just one press of the airless pump bottle is just enough for one application. Allow the cream to absorb for five minutes before applying makeup. Works great under make up but is not UV protect-ant. Make sure to apply sunscreen after the cream has absorbed into your skin.

Choose between lightly scented or unscented.


Benefits: Acne, Dry Facial Skin, Ageing

Does not Contain Sun Screen

Size: 1.70 oz.

Cleopatras Donkey Milk Face Cream - Vitamin B3

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