Patchouli - Donkey Milk Soap


Donkey milk soaps for your skin leave a nice smooth, refreshing feel. The aroma is a nice blend that is earthy, woody and sweet. All of our donkey milk soaps contain ingredients directly from Mother Nature and never any synthetic detergents that only damage your skin.  

Donkey milk is the only milk that is full of nutritious, skin loving vitamins that soak into your skin and leave it feeling its best. It contains a stable form of Vitamin C, your essential amino acids (you know, the ones your skin needs because it can’t make it on its own), Vitamin E, A along with Omegas 3, 6 and nice with so many more.

You are getting a pretty decent size bar here that weighs between 4.8 oz and 5.1 oz. No skimpy little bars here and the donkey milk now comes certified organic. 

Exfoliate no more with a pouf of loofah, use the lace bag your soap comes in, to get your skin silky soft and I really mean silky soft. You will be surprised at how soft your skin is after you use this organic bar.

Patchouli - Donkey Milk Soap

  • Donkey Milk, Water, Organic (Olive, Coconut, Castor, Palm, Sunflower) Oils, Organic Shea Butter

    Sodium Hydroxide (lye) which is used to turn soap into soap and is not in the final product. 

  • Hang your soap to dry or just keep it away from laying in a puddle of water. This will ensure a longer lasting bar.