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Cleopatras Lavender Wilds - Donkey Milk Natural Soap Bar

Relax and unwind with the scent of lavender fields. Donkey milk soaps are naturally antimicrobial and bring a ton of other essential vitamins to this bar of soap. Every bar is filled with organic oils/ butters along with the main ingredient doneky milk.

I like to use organic oils and butters because it keeps the purity that is within them naturally. This allows more nutrients to be delivered to your skin in combination with the donkey milk vitamins.

With every donkey milk soap purchase you get a handmade lace bag. Keep your donkey milk soap inside of the lace bag and use it to exfoliate your skin while in the shower. The  lace bag does a fantastic job to give you just the right amount of exfoliation.  Make sure to hang that donkey milk soap bar when you are done so that it dries. This will make your bar last way longer. When the soaps all done you can just toss the bag or wash it in the washer and reuse. Each bag is handmade to each individual  donkey milk soap bar.

Healthy skin starts with using the right organic donkey milk bar of soap.


4.5 o.z

Cleopatras Lavender Wilds - Donkey Milk Natural Soap Bar

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  • Donkey Milk, Organic (Olive, Castor, Coconut, Sunflower, Palm Oils) with Organic Shea Butter

     Lavender Essential Oil, Alkanet Root Powder (natural colorant).

    Sodium Hydroxide (Lye) which is made from salt, is used to turn soap into soap and once it is soap it is not in the final product.

  • Remember to keep your luxuriours soaps dry between uses. So keep your favorite soaps from sitting in a puddle of water. It will ensure a longer lasting bar.

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