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Cool Citrus Herb Castile Liquid Hand Soap Refill Pods

Castlile liquid hand soap refill pods made with moisturizing oils and butters but without the plastic. Eco-compact and safe for your skin, these easy to use hand soap refills are as simple as just add water!

Want the cleaning power without the over drying of the skin!? We got that covered! Want lather? We got that covered! And want the product to be on the thicker side? We got that covered too! And the best part is (besides it not coming in a big plastic bottle) we do not contain any detergents! So you at home can comfortably know that every time you wash your hands using our EcoPure hand soap refills, everything that goes on your skin is safe and what goes down the drain is not left over in our environment.


I call that a Win for you and for Mother Earth!


Eco-Rich Eco-Pure Eco-Friendly Plastic Free 100% All Ingredients Biodegrade.


Infused with a natural aroma with organic coconut oil, olive oil, sunflower oil, tucuma butter and castor oil. Just drop your  liquid hand soap refill into 12 ounces of water and watch it slowly liquefy. Once completely dissolved (which can take up to 3 hours), try out your liquid hand soap. Feel the silkiness from all the natural, plant based material, which makes up your natural liquid hand soap.


The aroma from this  soap refill will remind you a tart Lemon Lime citrus type with a fresh herbal tea bergamot characte.


Rest assured that every time you wash your hands, what goes down the drain will not end up hurting our life sustaining water systems.

Cool Citrus Herb Castile Liquid Hand Soap Refill Pods

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  • Take your soap dispenser and make sure it's clean. Fill the soap dispenser with 12 ounces of water then drop one soap refill pod into the water. Replace the lid and let dissolve. Your natural liquid hand soap will take a few hours to dissolvle. To dissolve faster shake the container at random. 

    Keep the soap refill pod out of direct sunlight, extreme heat and of course water, until ready to use. 

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