Nag Champa - Activated Charcoal Donkey Milk Natural Saop Bar

Bringing a favorite back with a twist. Activated Charcoal with an essential oil blend that contains 8 essential oils. These different oils, with the donkey milk and organic oils/ butters, give you so many great benefits. And whats crazy about the scent, it smells like candy.

Packed with Activated Charcoal to detox your skin, this soap will give you that nice clean feeling without stripping your skin of its natural oils. The essential oil blend is so refreshing to your skin and all your senses. You will love the sweet candy aroma. 

As always, every bar of soap contains only organic oils and butters. I also add a bit of glitter on top of the soap bar which is 99% biodegradable! But, you would only notice the glitter if you took your soap out of that useful lace bag it comes in. Do you know what the lace bag is for? Can you see it in the picture? I made these bags so that you can keep your soap inside and use it in the shower. No more buying pouf balls or loofahs. The soap lathers up well and gives the lace bag a nice slick, soapy feel to lightly exfoliate your skin. When done just hang your soap to dry. This will give you a longer lasting bar.



Each bar weighs 4.8  oz

Nag Champa - Activated Charcoal Donkey Milk Natural Saop Bar

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  • Raw Donkey Milk with Organic Olive, Coconut, Sunflower, Castor Oils with Organic Shea Butter

    Activated Charcoal for the color with Frankincense and Rosemary Essential OIls for your aroma.