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Natural Liquid Hand Soap Refill pods - Soap Bullet - 48 oz of pure soap

Not only are we plastic free, we are the ONLY liquid hand soap that is toxic free. We do NOT contain any ingredients that don't readily biodegrade. We can claim this because we are made from real plants and ZERO synthetics.

Eco-Rich            Eco-Pure        Eco-Friendly   Plastic Free    100% All Ingredients Biodegrade
Makes a total of 48 ounces of liquid hand soap.
4 different scents   ***(not into liquid soaps? Try out my new Foaming Bullets)

WE are here to stop the pollution from happening in the first place. By making this product with  ingredients that are known by scientific fact to readily biodegrade if/when exposed to the enviornment. 

Truly plant powered made with coconut oil, olive oil, sunflower oil, castor oil and tucuma butter with natural gums to help thicken and stabilize the soap. Talk about pure luxury for your hands. No one can beat the Bullet!!

There are NO Synthtic surfactancts or detergents  (like cocamidoproply betaine, Sodium Laryl Sulfate, Lauryl Glucosides, Ect.) or Alcohols added to my formula. The Ingredients Listed are what you get in the Bullet. This is the ONLY liquid Hand Soap Concentrate that is 100% Biodegradeable, contains no plastics or toxins for you or the planet. 


****A heart felt thank you to all of you have chosen to save the planet one hand wash at a time, with my truly green product, the Soap Bullet. You have saved tons of toxins and plastics from leaking into our water systems. You are Truly AWESOME and AMAZING!**** Let's continue to save our Planet One Hand Wash at a Time!


Truly Natural - Truly Pure Ingredients - Mother Natures Favorite.
A win for you and the environment!

Saving the planet can be challenging when all products to wash your hands with are made with SLS or SLES  which are sulfates, along with Cocamidopropyl betaine (skin irritant), poly's, glucosides, or others that claim to be naturally derived and or plant based and are honestly not. Those ingredients also cause a huge problem with our sewage treatment facilities. These problems with synthetic detergents that do not degrade and are recycled back into our food. (Gross)


Come join the plastic and toxic free journey with a truly, all natural, liquid hand soap concentrate made from real plants. ONE Soap Bullet drops into 12 ounces of your own water (any water is fine). NO need to squeeze the product out! Just drop the biodegradable Liquid Hand Soap Refill Soap Bullet into your water. 


This soap bullet is truly amazing. AND guess what!! It is really made from plants. Plants like organic coconut oil, olive oil, sunflower oil, castor oil and aloe butter. NOW doesn't that sound delicious for your hands!! It truly is! NO more dry irritated hands. And the best part is what goes down the drain won't be left over hurting our planet. 


WIN WIN for you and mother nature. 


I have been making organic bar soap for years and realized that not everyone (neither my kids) love the bar soap. So when searching for an all natural liquid hand soap, it was disappointing to find only one type and that is castile soap but it comes in a big ugly plastic container. 

So I decided why not turn my great organic bar soap into a great liquid hand soap., and so the Soap Bullet was born. 

I want to share it with you! Now you too can enjoy a truly plant based soap product that won't dry out your hands or be left over for the environment to suffer. 

Come try out the Soap Bullet and let me know what you think.
Make Earth Day Every Day


Your package come conveniently wrapped with no plastic.


Use one soap bullet or use them all. Store your Soap Bullets under the sink away from water until you use it.

Scent Descriptions:
Honey Coco Mango - Smells exactly like it says, sweet and coco with a hint of citrus.
Earths Element: This scent is absolutely amazing. I think I will keep this one around. Fresh and earthy notes of orange and lemon intertwined with rose and lily of the valley create an alluring fragrance rounded out with a touch of spice, amber, woods, and patchouli.
Ocean Breeze - Fresh, Clean and Uplifting. An aroma that is meant to be in soap.
Cool citrus - Fresh lemon lime with grassy undertones. But has an aroma of mens cologne.


Natural Liquid Hand Soap Refill pods - Soap Bullet - 48 oz of pure soap

  • Each Soap Bullet Pod makes 12 ounces of liquid hand soap.

    Just grab a liquid hand soap dispenser that holds at least 12 ounces, Add in the soap bullet then fill with water. You can use distilled, tap (be it hard or soft). It will take a few hours to dissolve. Every once in a while give the container a really good hard shake so that everything can blend together well.

    Without the hard shake of the container with the soap bullet, you product will look separated. The natural gums used to create a bit thicker consistency needs the agitation.

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