Natural Foaming Hand Soap Refills 30 oz - Soap Bullet - Zero Waste Refill

Saving the Planet has never been easier.

All Ingredients Readily Biodegrade

All Natural Foaming Hand Soap – Handmade in Ohio

10 Bullets = 30 ounces of zero waste soap


Drop the soap tablet as they are not eco-friendly and switch to the true nature loving foaming hand soap. My foaming soap Bullets do not contain synthetic surfactants, detergents, parabens, phthalates and or sulfates. These are non-toxic and non-drying to your skin.


I have worked relentlessly to make these Bullets Eco-Safe and Skin-Safe, and this cannot be done with sulfates or synthetic detergents or even wasteful packaging. The Bullets are small and so is the packaging. Every Bullet will give you 3 ounces of truly natural, foaming hand soap, 2 Bullets makes 6 ounces and all 4 Bullets will make 12 ounces and all 9 makes 27 ounces.


We do not contain ingredients such as

-Coco Betaine, Sodium Coco Sulfate, Sodium Lauryl sulfate, sodium laureth sulfate, sodium dodecyl sulfate, poly glucosides, EDTA, Lauryl betaine etc.

Why? Because we have spent time at our wastewater treatment facilities and learned that they do not readily biodegrade and end up back in our lakes, streams, rivers, oceans and land.


All soap tablets and or powders contain synthetic detergents which do not readily biodegrade. These go down your drain (after drying out your hands) to our wastewater treatment facilities, where some of the ingredients are not filtered (chemicals that remove other synthetic chemicals) out and just go back into our soil and water systems. Once it ends in our land and water systems, it then is processed back into your food (fish, vegetables and fruits) be it organic or not.


I am extremely passionate about making sure that what goes on your skin is safe for you and your family and what goes down the drain will not be left over in our environment just to be recycled back into our foods we eat.


Choose your scent 

Lavender Wilds -  Lavender but a little bit more manly

Unscented - Add your own scents


Natural Foaming Hand Soap Refills 30 oz - Soap Bullet - Zero Waste Refill

  • These foaming hand soap bullets are made of real ingredients that make soap. Our process uses lye and fats to make our soap bullets. You get nothing but pure soap from real ingredients like sunflower oil, coconut oil and castors oils to name a few.

    To make the best clear soap, use distilled water. Tap water will make the water cloudy due to all the minerals found in the water. Distilled water will give you that perfectly clear soap and it helps to keep its cleaning power at its best. Tap water plus real soap will form a white layer on the bottom of your pump. If you have a clear container it will be noticeable and may be unpleasant to the eye. I have really hard water here in Ohio so the cloudy with the white sediment is normal.

    Each Bullet gives 3oz of foaming hand soap. So for a six ounce container 2 Bullets will work.