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Get ready to finally clear up your back acne!


Here is an ultimate go to product for your back acne that you apply and forget about. It's that simple! And the best part is, you don't even put it on your skin!


Did you ever notice where most of your acne is on your back? Well, if you don't know go take a look in the mirror. Pay close attention to the location of your back acne. Is most of your acne located close to, around or under your bra? If it is around those areas, then you have something that you can easily take care of all by yourself and get that gorgeous clean back/shoulders you always wanted.


Do you want to know what is causing most of your acne on your back? Once I tell you, you might be like HUH, really? We as women suffer from Bra Acne. Yes, there is such a thing. Think about it for a minute. What activities are you doing while in that same bra all day? And being in that same bra, what is that bra doing to your skin!


Think about how often you may break out in a quick sweat. Rushing to get to work or even to your class? You may have to walk briskly just to make it on time only to be a bit sweaty when you get there. Have a meeting or exam but didn’t prepare? Now you are stressing and its making you break out in a cold sweat. Maybe during your lunch break you want to squeeze in a quick walk or jog but don’t have time change clothes (you will dry eventually, right). Have toddlers you are chasing all day? Sweat, Sebum, Dead Skin Cells...This is what is collecting on that bra all day long.


Some of us wear the same bra for a few days before washing, some wash it after only one time of wearing it and still suffer from back acne. So, even after washing our bras are they ever truly clean? Probably not and that could be the biggest cause for your back acne.


This product is meant to be applied to your bra strap and not directly to skin. Just a couple swipes down your bra strap, with the saturated pad, will apply enough product to your bra to help keep acne away from your back.


Every time you wash your bra, clean you bra better, with a Bracne Pad.

If your back is really bad then make sure you are doing this to every bra you wear.


You can also use the pad directly on your shoulders or back. Not recommended for other areas of your body.


As with any acne you should see results within a month. For me it only took a week when I started seeing results.

It's time to get your life back! It's time to wear that strap less dress or those skinny strapped tank tops. No more covering your beautiful shoulders or back.


  • Directions: Take one pad from the BRACNE jar and grab one bra. It could be a bra you just washed or a bra that you are about to put on or even one that you have been wearing. Take the pad from the jar and fold over the bra strap. Hold the bra while rubbing the pad downward your bra strap. Repeat. Then do the same to the other bra strap. You can put the bra on, leave it to dry or put it away. If you put the bra on right away, the straps will be cold and wet against your skin.